Huddle 1

Our Values

  • Understand what is meant by American values than all Americans can agree on
  • Focus energy to be most effective
  • Get our of comfort zone
  • Recognize your strengths and role
  • Refuse to use language of admin
  • Grassroots development most effective
  • Organize action steps
  • Clear identification of what to fight for
  • Clearly identify who to partner with in the fight
  • Have compassion


Stay Informed  

  • Use news and other outlets, use discretion with social media
  • Tracking bills
  • Schools can use Teaching Tolerance
  • Pass out Indivisible Guide
    • Mon-Thurs 8pm on NPR
  • Consume entertainment by people who are different from you
  • Keep up with peer-reviewed, evidence-based research
  • Know your representatives and those who run for office
  • Share through google drive



  • Use your privilege to raise awareness (via social media, or knit a hat!)
  • Share your actions – it inspires others!
  • Share your story
  • Write a blog post or op ed


Engaging Others Listen and ask questions, have the difficult conversations, conversation vs. argument

  • Youth and teens – avenues for involving them
  • Family, friends – invite the men!
  • Other Points-of-View – listen, talk, learn.  Could we have a bipartisan mixer of some kind?


Our Network

  • Build social media hub and contact list to connect all interested parties
  • Meet regularly
  • Intersectional support
  • Establish a Common Ground Group
  • Indivisible Guide group
  • Organize grad students at UVM


Volunteer – choose 2 to get involved in?

  • Donate your time and resources, not just $$!
  • Organizations:
    • PlannedParenthood Defenders
    • HopeWorks
    • Black Lives Matter meetings
    • City Market
    • Neighborhood Planning Assemblies
    • Peace and Justice Center
    • Rights and Democracy VT
    • Local Love Brigade
    • Swing Left – match with people in swing states or “sister cities”


Voting and Running for Office

  • Get involved in local committee
  • Support women in politics
  • Reach out to the disenfranchised
  • Voter Registration
    • Encourage people to register and vote
  • Run for office
    • Support local candidates
    • Research how it works (Emerge VT trains women)
    • Identify open positions in next election cycle
    • Run for school board
    • Campaign for someone you care about


Upcoming Events – attend one per week?

    • Create shared calendar
    • Women’s Strike (TBD)
    • Valentine’s Day – outpouring of love


  • Feb 22 and March 1 – Go to Statehouse on Educators’ Days?


  • Feb 28 – Showing Up for Racial Justice February Meeting, Unitarian Church
  • March 4 – People’s march for Education Justice, NYC
  • March 7 – Town Meeting Day
  • March 15 – Postcards to send to Trump, “pink slips” Ides of Trump
  • April 15 – Tax Day, march or protest at Post Office
  • April 22 – March for Science
  • April 29 – March for Climate


Calls and Letters – call and write frequently! Postcards, emails, letters, phone calls, faxes

  • Who to contact:
    • John McCain
    • Marco Rubio
    • Bernie
    • Leahy
    • Sanders
    • Welsh
    • Scott
    • White House
    • Other legislators or reps
  • Thank Yous
    • Thank officials, legislators, supporters federally and locally
    • Try Bernie and Elizabeth Warren
  • Put representatives contact info directly into your phone
  • Use scripts so you know what to say
  • Get in touch with friends in swing states to inspire them to call/write!
  • Some specific issues to call about:
    • Laws
    • Homeland security
    • Supreme Court Nominations
    • Advertisements – ask media outlets to advertise events like marches
    • Sanctuary City/state
    • CREDO


Put Your $$ Where Your <3 Is

  • Donate to defunded nonprofits or those that support human rights:
    • Planned Parenthood
    • ACLU
    • GreenPeace
    • National Resource Defense Fund
    • Southern Poverty Law Center
  • Divest from corporate
    • Look at individual investments
    • Boycott Exxon



  • See one, sign one
  • Maintain NEA