Team Actions

Black Lives Matter Grant-Writing Group contact Cara Lovell if you can help

Local Love Brigade – VT: a Facebook group that unites Vermonters in community building by tracking incidents of hate and harassment in our state and our region. We respond by sending notes and cards of support to those affected. It is a non-partisan group, although it was started by women from Pantsuit Nation – VT. Go to this link and ask to join the group.   We are looking into ways that we might be able to provide the information outside of FB and will report back. (Garrett Sadler,

Local Huddles:

Blog Group Email if you want to write!

Social Media Literacy Group Sharan Nosal (

Upcoming Team Actions-  Who will take the lead?

  • Help conduct voter registration drives
  • Set up avenues for youth/teen involvement
  • Build social media hub/contact list to connect all interested community partners
  • Bipartisan mixer
  • Establish a Common Ground Group
  • Establish Indivisible Group
  • Organize UVM students
  • Form Burlington Rapid-Response group