• Get a library card
  • Run for school board

Environmental Justice

  • Use actions
  • Boycott Exon
  • April 29 -Climate March

Health Care & Reproductive Rights


  • Ask reps to make a Sanctuary City/State


  • Sign this petition to protect youth
  • Call the Department of Justice — 202-514-2000 — and the Department of Education — 1-800-872-5327 — today and demand that Betsy DeVos and Jeff Sessions maintain the Obama Administration’s guidance protecting transgender youth

Politics & Ethics

  • Swing Left – share with friends in Swing States!
  • Match with people in swing states,
  • Join a Neighborhood Planning Assembly
  • Identify positions in your local government (town or state) which will be open during the next election cycle. RUN FOR OFFICE!
  • Make a list of state and national representatives. Put their contact info directly in your phone.  Write to them, email and call about what’s important to you. Thank them for what they do!
  • Track bills at or
  • Vote and encourage others to register/vote
  • Take this survey to support the freedom of the press
  • Make calls concerning Trump’s taxes
  • Make calls concerning Trump’s relationship with Russia
  • National Security: call to protest Steve Bannon’s appointment to the NSC 202-224-4751. Leave a voicemail. It’s also a good idea to mention new legislation that’s been introduced, “Strengthening Oversight of National Security Act” by many senators, including Patrick Leahy. This would amend the National Security Act of 1947 to clarify membership at the senior advisory level of the NSC, ensuring that national security experts are the only ones crafting national security policy, and not someone like Steve Bannon


Self Care


  • knit a pussy hat