Emma: Founder and Lead Facilitator
Emma is a proud public school teacher, femme lesbian, intersectional feminist, millennial who has never done anything like this before. Reeling from the devastation of the election results, compounded with a positively spiritual experience at the Women’s March on Washington, Emma woke up with an fierce desperation for both knowledge and action.  When a friend suggested, “you should start a feminist book club,” WokeClub was born.  Emma loves Harry Potter and hip hop music.
Weiwei: Social Media Chair

Jessica: Small Meetups Planner and Facilitator

With her roots in studying political science and history, Jess has been interested in how politics shapes people’s lives since her teenage years. Now, as a public school special educator/504 coordinator, Jess is even more motivated to sustain the ‘average’ citizen’s efforts to create a more inclusive and just society. WokeClub was a light in the darkness of the election and an exciting adventure for her to help facilitate change. When she isn’t sucked into the vortex of our current political landscape, she loves playing the mandolin, reading new perspectives, gardening, and dreaming of life on a sailboat 🙂

Danielle: Community Outreach and Communications
A transplant from the Adirondacks, Danielle is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Community Development and Applied Economics at the University of Vermont. When plans to attend the Women’s March in Montpelier fell through, she crossed the lake to attend a march in the small town of Lewis that ended at the grave of Inez Millholland, a suffragist, lawyer, and prison reformer. Looking back to protest movements for suffrage and civil rights,  Danielle was looking for a way to sustain all the energy she witnessed on January 21st. She loves dogs (seriously, if this grad school thing doesn’t work out, she’s going to become a full-time dog-sitter), everything bagels, and searching for cheap plane tickets for her next vacation. 
Mackenzie: Web Librarian and Brand Development